John Grisham Online: Edward Norton, John Grisham Support Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

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green and white leafed plantsEdward Norton, John Grisham Support Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

With help from Edward Norton, John Grisham, and grants, the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust in Kenya is supporting 14 primary schools and providing running water and electricity to the local dispensary, and planning to employ a doctor. The Trust is now employing 30 game scouts to assist the the Maasai landlords in creating conservancies in the Group Ranch.

The Maasai Foundation of East Africa fundraisers feature a lion as guest of honor.

The lion’s name is Jabari, meaning brave in Kiswahili. Jabari was born in a zoo where his mother abandoned him, and Rick Kelly rescued him.

It was certainly a big surprise for the 200 member audience to see Jabari entering the Cabrillo Art Centre in Santa Barbara. The Foundation wanted to make a point: lions are beautiful and powerful animals. They are on the edge of extinction and we need to do our best to save them. Jabari helped deliver that message.

Two other guests of honor:

Edward Norton, who has generously supported with Cartier the Simba Project, kindly introduced Luca and Samson in the New York fundraising: thank you Edward.

John and Renee Grisham participated too and made an extremely generous donation: thank you John, thank you Renee.

Samson wanted to thank both Edward and John personally, and presented them with a “stick” of command, “orinka” in Maa. It is the stick that chiefs use in all their meetings.

The Foundation would like to thank all who participated in the two fundraising events. The Maasai Foundation of East Africa exceeded its goal of raising $100,000. Amazing, to say the least, and they must give a special thank to Jeff and Debra Miller, John and Renee Grisham, Ken Coe, and Phil Osborne for their incredibly generous donations.

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