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green and white leafed plantsPreview Playing For Pizza, with an exclusive excerpt from the first two chapters. Grisham’s latest novel, about a disgraced NFL quarterback who heads off to Italy to play for the Parma Panthers, is filled with delights and surprises, including opera, mouth-watering food, fine wine, romance, football Americano, and extremely small cars.

On Sale September 24, 2007, buy now from Amazon.

It was a hospital bed, that much appeared certain, though certainty was coming and going. It was narrow and hard and there were shiny metal railings standing sentry—like along the sides, preventing escape. The sheets were plain and very white. Sanitary. The room was dark, but sunlight was trying to creep around the blinds covering the window.

He closed his eyes again; even that was painful. Then he opened them, and for a long silent minute or so he managed to keep the lids apart and focus on his cloudy little world. He was lying on his back and pinned down by firmly tucked sheets. He noticed a tube dangling to his left, running down to his hand, then disappearing up somewhere behind him. There was a voice in the distance, out in the hallway. Then he made the mistake of trying to move, just a slight adjustment of the head, and it didn’t work. Hot bolts of pain hit his skull and neck and he groaned loudly.

Read Chapter One and Chapter Two of Playing for Pizza

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