John Grisham Online: Grisham Days in Parma, Italy

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green and white leafed plantsGrisham Days in Parma, Italy

Panthers Parma AFT hosted their friend John Grisham on March 29-30 in Parma, Italy. The theme of the weekend was “Grisham Days” as Playing for Pizza author John Grisham was there to take part in pre-game ceremonies.

On the first day, Grisham also met the audience and talked about Parma, his love for the nice and good things, the passion for the art and the quality of life through the eyes of an American who fell in love with the ducal city.

There was also an official presentation of the documentary called “ParmAmerica,” inspired by Grisham’s book “Playing for Pizza” (Italian translation “Il Professionista”):

Sources: ESPN, Parma Tourist Information

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