John Grisham Online: Texas Rangers manager loves Grisham novels

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green and white leafed plantsIf there has been one downside to what has been an otherwise improbably impressive year for Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington, it came a couple of weeks ago when best-selling author John Grisham was in Arlington for a game and Washington didn’t get to meet him. Because if there’s one thing Washington loves as much as baseball, it might just be Grisham novels.

The Rangers’ 57-year-old manager has read everything the best-selling author has written; “even the bad ones,” he says. He’s currently flying through The Appeal, Grisham’s 2008 legal thriller about corporate malfeasance. “I love them,” he said before a recent game. “He needs to hurry up and write some more.”

With 23 books published in just 20 years, Grisham might be one of the most prolific writers on the planet, but that’s still not fast enough for readers like Washington, who can relate to fans who want results yesterday.

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